Thursday 19 August 2010

Why I Hate the Argos

Packers-Bears. Yankees-Red Sox. Leafs-Habs. Lakers-Celtics.

Each league, be it professional or otherwise, has their classic rivalries. They span generations. The hatred between the fan bases is palpable. Just like in The Lord the of the Rings, where there is "one ring to rule them all," when it comes to sports rivalries, there is one that rules them all...


For as long as I can remember, I have hated the Toronto Argonauts. Whenever I am asked which sports team I hate the most, without hesitation the answers is always, "The Argos."

Many will say it's jealousy. That Toronto has what Hamilton wants.

Poppycock. Yes, poppycock. I have lived in Toronto, and it's not much different than Hamilton. Just bigger.

But the idea that us Hamiltonians would be jealous of those that live in Toronto is part of the reason I dislike the Argonauts so much.

It's that smugness, that arrogance, that belief that everyone wants to be Toronto, that makes my blood boil. I have met many a nice person during my time living, working and schooling in Toronto. I will not paint everyone with the same brush. Heck, I've had Argo fans post comments on here. I had a great time chiding Argo fans during a game in Toronto last season. I'd say the vast majority of Torontonians that I have interacted with are not the type of people who smugly proclaim Toronto to be the centre of the universe.

But the stigma, the belief, is still there. The idea that there is even one person that thinks that – that's what gets me going. The disdain I have for everything Toronto is one of the reasons I so enjoy when the Cats beat the tar out of the Argos, especially when it occurs in Toronto. I also like that I have made friends with Argonaut fans, and now this can be a more friendly rivalry.

Who am I kidding? I hate the Argos! Argo Week is a week when those friends are no longer friends! I can't wait until the Tiger-Cats go into the Rogers Centre SkyDome on Friday and sink the Boatmen.

Like I've been saying all week, when push comes to shove...


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  1. I have yet to meet a Torontonian who DOESN'T think Toronto is the be all and end all. But strangely enough, when you ask them what makes Toronto so special (arts, culture, blah blah blah) and then ask them when was the last time they took advantage of any of those things, you'll find a surprising number who have never bothered. I have my own prejudices about the city and the people who live there, and I LOVE it when Hamilton kicks their asses. Go Cats!