Sunday 8 August 2010

Morning Afternoon-After Thoughts (Week 6)

The 1972 Grey Cup Champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Both last season and this season, the CFL has promoted Retro Week. It is a week where teams wear throwback-style uniforms and celebrate the great teams of the past. Last season, it was the 1960s; this season, it is the 1970s. Retro Week, Part One, took place in Week 6. The Alouettes, Eskimos, Tiger-Cats and Lions all wore 1970s-style jerseys for their games. Next week, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Saskatchewan will do the same. There can be many gripes about what goes on in the CFL, but the one thing they seem to be doing right is honouring the men of the past. Not only does it whip up nostalgia for those who were around when these men played, but it allows the new generation of fans to learn about the great history of their favourite teams and of the league. Great stuff, CFL, great stuff.
  1. Can you believe we are already one-third of the way through the 2010 CFL season? It seems like only yesterday that the season began.
  2. What a way to start a game for Montreal. First play: 67-yard catch-and-run by S.J. Green. Second play: Touchdown throw from Anthony Calvillo to Kerry Watkins. Two plays, seven points. Wow!
  3. There are a lot of great Receivers in the CFL. Arland Bruce has had about as good a two-game stretch as I've ever seen, and Weston Dressler continues to impress. But is there anyone who plays as consistently as Montreal's Kerry Watkins?
  4. FINALLY! It's documentable: Andy Fantuz does get called for offside. About bloody time.
  5. Was I the only one who saw the screwup on Luca Congi's jersey? His right sleeve had 01 on it, not 10.
  6. First it was Marcus Thigpen and Chad Owens who stole the Special Teams show. Now it looks like we can add Tim Maypray to the list... but only if he plays Saskatchewan. He has two TD returns against the Riders this year.
  7. Everyone was waiting for Cleo Lemon's breakout game. Well, I think we just witnessed it.
  8. I know I've been slurping him for weeks, but I can't help but heap more praise on Argo RB Cory Boyd. He does everything you want to see a RB do. Much like DeAndra' Cobb last season, Boyd is not eligible for Most Outstanding Rookie because he spent time on an NFL practice roster. Either way, he's having a great season.
  9. What a great catch by Edmonton WR Jason Barnes.
  10. I am not an Eskimo fan, but they got jobbed. They had a non-call go their way on an interception, but two PI calls that were borderline at best and one non-call on them in the dying seconds were brutal. Never doubt that CFL refs can screw things up and cost a team a game.
  11. I think Winnipeg might have a QB controversy. Steven Jyles, even in defeat, looked very good. With Buck Pierce being made of glass, it's good that the Bombers have a capable backup in Jyles.
  12. Special Teams has been all the talk in Hamilton the last few weeks. Sandro DeAngelis went three for three and looks to have come out of his slump. The Cats made a change at Punter as well, and Eric Wilbur ran a little hot and cold, but for the most part was very good. Perhaps the kicking problems in Hamilton have been solved.
  13. In Winnipeg, however, the kicking game is still an issue. Alexis Serna missed two easy field goals. He's having a terrible season, and I can't imagine he'll be around much longer.
  14. How does Dave Stala top last week's hacky sack/soccer celebration? By kicking the damn ball OUT of Ivor Wynne. Not as creative, but still pretty impressive.
  15. It's a day later and I still have no idea why the Cats went for a two-point conversion. I have a theory, but it would take an essay to explain, and I still don't think it makes sense. Any ideas, anyone?
  16. Hopefully Justin Hickman isn't out for long. Along with Garrett McIntyre and Khari Long, he has been an absolute beast on the Tiger-Cats' Defensive Line.
  17. Was it any surprise that the BC Lions DBs would go for the knees on the Stampeders WRs after the Nik Lewis-Kory Banks Twitter spat this past week?
  18. Did Glen Suitor really call out the officials for their PI calls this season?
  19. In John Hufnagel's coaching career he is undefeated against Wally Buono. Buono is the winningest coach in CFL history, yet he's never beaten Hufnagel.
  20. Well, the drought is over. I have finally, after six weeks, posted a winning record on my weekly picks. I came oh so close to going 4-0, but the Eskimos just couldn't hang on to the lead. The Als, Cats and Stamps came through, and I finish up at 3-1. That puts my overall record at 10-14, which I think is respectable, but I still obviously need to improve.

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