Thursday 12 August 2010

Buck Pierce to Start Friday

We can put the rumours to rest; Buck Pierce is back behind Centre.

Rumours swirled during the week that this was possible, but I thought they'd let him rest one more week and give Jyles another crack at the Cats.

Guess not.

If Pierce isn't fully healthy, he could be in for some trouble. The Tiger-Cats' pass rush is unrelenting, and if they apply the same pressure in Week 7 as they have in the previous few weeks, Pierce might not make it out of Canad Inns in one piece.

1 comment:

  1. Except our D-line will be substantially different. Smith getting his first start, Kirk and Reid getting lots of time, Hickman questionable as to how much he'll play.

    Not that I don't have confidence in most of those guys (Smith being the unknown) but we're not fielding our regular unit. Maybe it doesn't matter, I don't know.

    Pierce will be wearing a brace I expect. His mobility may not be normal for him.

    To be honest, I thought Jyles was playing well and getting into a groove. This may not be a smart move for the Bombers.