Tuesday 10 August 2010

Goodbye Ti-Cats

I was going to write this as an obituary, but since the death of the Tiger-Cats isn't certain, I'll abstain from doing that until it is official that the Cats will leave.

City council, in its infinite wisdom, has voted 12 to 3 in favour of the west harbour.

Those that voted in favour in of the harbour site were:

Ward 1 - Brian McHattie
Ward 2 - Bob Bratina
Ward 3 - Bernie Morelli
Ward 5 - Chad Collins
Ward 6 - Tom Jackson
Ward 7 - Scott Duvall
Ward 8 - Terry Whitehead
Ward 10 - Maria Pearson
Ward 12 - Lloyd Ferguson
Ward 13 - Russ Powers
Ward 14 - Robert Pasuta
Mayor - Fred Eisenberger

Those that voted against:

Ward 4 - Sam Merulla
Ward 11 - David L. Mitchell
Ward 15 - Margaret McCarthy

Those that abstained:

Ward 9 - Brad Clark

Now, from my understanding of everything, without a long-term tenant, there will be no Pan Am Game money from the federal or provincial governments. No senior-level money equals no stadium.

I'm sickened by the delusion of city council. They put forth a motion to try to get the Cats on board for the harbour site. That's not going to happen, which means that after 141 years (what will be 142 years after they play out their lease at Ivor Wynne), the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will no longer exist.

This is a sad day not only for Tiger-Cat fans, but for the city of Hamilton.

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