Tuesday 31 August 2010

Should the Cats Sign Him?

Former BC Lion, and 2009 Most Outstanding Canadian, Ricky Foley has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

Now that Foley is likely headed back to the CFL, I need to start the rumours going. Should the Tiger-Cats make a run at signing him?

I know that when any star player (and Foley was a star with BC) becomes available, people like me always ask if their team should sign him. But with Foley, it is worth considering for a number of reasons.

One, Foley is Canadian. He is from Courtice, Ontario (which is near Oshawa), and adding talented Non-Imports is never a bad thing.

Two, while the Defensive Line has been good, adding a player like Foley could make them great.

Three, he's a former BC Lion. If there is one thing Tiger-Cat fans know, it's that Obie loves his ex-Lions.

I'm sure all eight CFL teams will look at Foley. He's a supremely talented individual who could help any team. His being a Canadian is a big bonus. I have no doubt that the front office of the Tiger-Cats are looking into signing Foley. But will they or should they?

I obviously do not know if they will, but I think they should, with one caveat. I don't think Foley should be signed at any price. He is very good, but to break the bank for him would be a mistake. If he's willing to accept a reasonable paycheque, I say bring him in. I can't hurt, can it?


  1. He's NY Jets property now. For now.

  2. Just saw this. Also read that the Pats were interested and that should Foley get cut in the NFL he's probably returning to BC. Oh well, we're fine without him.