Friday, 27 August 2010

Mid-Season Grades: Offensive Line

Defense is done. Special Teams is done. Now let's move on to the Offense, starting with the biggest boys in the locker room: the Offensive Linemen.

I do not think there was a worse way to start the season for the O-Line than what occurred to start 2010. First, the team losses prized free agent Jason Jimenez to injury (which he still has yet to return from), and then they get absolutely decimated in the Week 1 loss to Winnipeg. Simeon Rottier replace Jimenez and was abused by the Winnipeg Defensive Line. The Cats gave up seven sacks in that first game, and people were calling for heads to roll.

Since then, it's been pretty smooth sailing. Rottier played a few more games at Tackle before moving to guard to make room for Belton Johnson. Since then, the line has played great.

Aside from the debacle against Winnipeg in Week 1, the Cats have only allowed eight sacks, four of which came in one game. So aside from two terrible games, the Cats have surrendered four sacks in six games. That's phenomenal!

The one area that the team has struggled in is run blocking. Where the pass blocking has been tremendous for most of the season, the running game has failed to get going until the last two weeks. Maybe this is a sign that the hogs will start imposing their will on people, but for the time being this is still a concern.

The O-Line has come together nicely over the course of the year, and bringing back Jimenez will be a major addition. As always, there is room for improvement, but I can't say I've been disappointed in the O-Line's play.

Mid-Season Grade: B

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