Thursday 12 August 2010

Smitty's Selections: Week 7

For the first time, I'm entering a week after having posted a winning record the week before. I finished Week 6 with a 3-1 record and was an Edmonton Eskimos collapse away from being 4-0. But last week was last week; I can only hope to carry the momentum over into this week.

British Columbia (1-5) at Saskatchewan (4-2)

Um, I feel like I'd be wasting my time and yours by telling you my reasons for picking the Riders. Summed up simply: BC sucks; Saskatchewan doesn't.

Winner: Saskatchewan, 43-14

Hamilton (2-4) at Winnipeg (2-4)

The second half of a back-to-back series always has that little extra something. The teams still have some pent-up anger from the week before, which usually leads to a game that has a bit of ferociousness involved. This will also be the final matchup between these two teams in 2010, barring a playoff matchup, and with the Cats leading the series two games to one, the outcome could have a major impact on any tiebreaker scenario at the end of the season. I think the Cats, who have shown a little more 'oomph' the last couple of weeks, will squeak this one out.

Winner: Hamilton, 24-19

Montreal (5-1) at Toronto (4-2)

The last time these two teams met, the Argos held on early (even taking the lead at one point) only to get pasted in the end. The Argos have been the pleasant surprise of the CFL season. Cory Boyd has put his name in the discussion for MOP, and Cleo Lemon finally looked like a CFL QB last week. While I expect this one to be a bit closer, the Als will carry the day.

Winner: Montreal, 37-24

Edmonton (1-5) at Calgary (5-1)

Just as much of a mismatch as the other game in the West Division this week. The only reason the Esks are more of a match for the Stamps than the Lions are for the Riders is because these two teams always play better when they play each other. That said, this one won't be close. Stamps by a bunch.

Winner: Calgary, 33-17

Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Montreal, Calgary

Season Record: 10-14

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