Sunday 22 August 2010

Singing the Bye Week Blues

Bye weeks suck.

This isn't the first time I've said it, and it won't be the last time either. I hate the fact that it's two weeks Monday until the Tiger-Cats take the field again. I mean, let's look at what happened in the month of August.

The Cats began the month at 1-4 following a crushing loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Heads were being called for. Kevin Glenn needed to make way for Quinton Porter; Marcel Bellefeuille needed to be relieved of his duties as Head Coach; DeAndra' Cobb needed to be replaced permanently by Marcus Thigpen; the Cats needed to clean house and hope for the best.

Fast forward three short weeks and look what we have. The team is 4-4 following two wins against Winnipeg – one at home and one on the road – and a win on the road in Toronto. They sit a mere two points back of the second-place Argonauts heading into their clash on Labour Day, and four points behind first-place Montreal, who are now vulnerable following the injury to Anthony Calvillo. They own the season series against Winnipeg – meaning the Bombers need to finish one game ahead of the Tiger-Cats to usurp their position in the standings – and need to win one of two remaining against the Argos to claim that season series.

Optimism reigns supreme in Steeltown. Momentum is behind the Cats.

But now we hit the pause button because of the bloody bye week.

There are some positives to a week off, as it will allow everyone to look back as well as look forward, but it still sucks that all we'll get to enjoy this week in the CFL is watching the Stamps and Riders pound the Lions and Eskimos, respectively.

Man, bye weeks suck.

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