Tuesday 17 August 2010

Argo Week, Part 2

There are two things that are needed to make every Argo Week a success. First and foremost is a Hamilton victory at the Rogers Centre SkyDome. Second is me getting heckled on the street when wearing my Tiger-Cats merchandise.

The second criterion was met today.

As I was walking across Bloor Street atSt. George Street, heading to my job at Robarts Library at the University of Toronto, I heard a familiar refrain from a car window:


What wonderful words to hear when in enemy territory. You know they're scared when they have to heckle from a car.

With the public heckling out of the way, now all that needs to be met is criterion number one. Only the Cats can get that one done.

Oh, and before I forget...


  1. Who has the most Grey Cups and the oldest sports franchise in North America? ARGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. Eat it kitty-cats.

  2. The Argos were founded in 1874. The Hamilton Football Club was founded in 1869.

  3. I would have yelled Hamilton Stinks!! if I saw you, but I'm at Bay/Bloor.

  4. Th ti-cats were formed in 1950. The Hamilton Football Club didn't even join a league until 1907 (Interprovincial Rugby Football Union). A discussion above a fruit store in the late 1860s hardly counts. The Argos have been in existence since 1873 and 15 Grey Cups. ARGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. The boatmen will neuter you cats tomorrow.

  5. As much as you don't want to admit it, Hamilton has been around longer than Toronto. No need to twist the facts to support your own hypothesis.

    Don't be mad, at least you can sleep soundly at night knowing that, "Nobody blows like the Argos!"

  6. Actually, (safely) anonymous Argofan, both the Tigers and the Argonauts were part of the Ontario Rugby Football Union founded in 1883, and with the Quebec Rugby Football Union were the first leagues in North America. The IRFU came along later. Before that teams just played each other by mutual agreement.

    Hamilton had the very first organized club in Canada. Toronto wasn't even second - Montreal had one a year before.

    As to continuity, did the Tigers die when the Tiger-Cats began life? No, they merged with the Flying Wildcats and continued playing. So while the names were joined the histories remain a part of the modern team's lineage. The logic is simple and applies to other situations, such as when a woman marries a man and takes his surname - does she cease to exist? (and the name is often hyphenated). Same thing often happens in the corporate world.

    But you go right ahead and believe your team is the oldest. That just means that we can say "Argos suck" is more deeply rooted in Canadian history than anything bad you can say about the Tiger-Cats. :-P

  7. Once again, Ty, great comment.

    Hey, "Anonymous," what was that about neutering? Looks to me like the Boatmen got sunk by a ferocious Tiger.