Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mid-Season Grades: Defensive Line

Might as well finish off the Defense by grading the performance of the Defensive Line.

Going into this season, many had high hopes that the D-Line would be a force. The unit is, for the most part, young and the belief was that they would not be dealing with the same growing pains and inconsistencies in 2010 that hampered them in 2009.

I'd say that they have passed with flying colours in 2010. Garrett McIntyre has been an absolute beast almost every game. His nickname is "Motor" for a reason. The guy just does not give up on any play.

Justin Hickman has probably been the biggest surprise for me on the entire team. He has wheels on him for a big man, and he has a motor like McIntyre. Hickman impresses me more and more every week.

Demonte' Bolden and Matt Kirk have been excellent in the middle. They have plugged holes with efficiency and have taken on blockers allowing for the Cats' Linebackers to have the most tackles of any unit in the CFL.

The man I pegged to have the best season out of all the Tiger-Cats' Linemen has been the one who has had the least impact so far. Khari Long has battled injuries for most of the season, which has kept him from being the force I, and many others, predicted he would be. He hasn't been a disappointment, but injuries seem to have derailed the breakout season it was believed he was on the cusp of having.

The Defensive Line has been strong, and looks to be getting stronger each and every week. There is still room for improvement, but they have been very impressive during the first half of the season.

Mid-Season Grade: B+

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  1. Their pass rush has been fantastic. We have yet to play all teams, but there hasn't been an O-line yet that's been able to handle our front four all game (and the two that we haven't faced - Edmonton and BC - have struggled with their lines). I see we're now tied for tops in sacks with Montreal, though we have that extra game. But getting in the QB's face on a regular basis is just as important as sack totals, and the line has been doing that consistently.

    Rush D could improve though. That's not entirely on the D-line, because part of the issues has been tackling by the secondary, but better is better.

  2. A bit harsh on you D-line, I would have grade them an A. I have been very impressed with there play. Their the reason the Argos only scored 12 pts.