Monday 9 August 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

I really do not know what to say right now. I come home from a long day's work to Facebook posts, e-mails and my Dad's words:

"The Tiger-Cats are leaving."

I have read Bob Young's letter to the mayor, and while I know it doesn't categorically state that the Tiger-Cats will leave Hamiton, it sure does seem like that is the likely outcome to this whole mess.

An institution that I was hoping my soon-to-be-born nephew could enjoy may very well be taken away from me, you, all of us.

And for what? So the mayor can say he won? So a man so devoid of even the most basic of negotiating skills, a man so inept at his own job, a man so anger-inducing that if he was standing in front me, I would punch him square in the face, so a man, our "mayor," who I wouldn't trust to run a hot dog stand, can revitalize downtown? Well, with the Cats no longer a part of the equation, he can kiss his federal and provincial money goodbye. His revitalization will hit a major roadblock.

I want to be angry at Bob Young, I want to look at him as the Art Modell  (Cleveland Browns' owner who moved them to Baltimore) of the CFL.

But I can't.

From all I've seen, Bob Young has attempted time and time again to make this work. He accepted a facilitator's recommendation of the East Mountain as the site for a stadium, even though that was not his first, second, third, or tenth choice. He committed money to not only build the stadium, but money to bring two Grey Cups to the city, even money to help revitalize downtown for f**k's sake. The mayor's response to those overtures was to spit in his face.

If the Cats decide to move, I wish them luck. If the Cats decide to move, it probably ends my days as a resident of Hamilton. It is inconvenient for me to live here and work where I do. The only reason I stay is to go to Ti-Cat games. With that no longer in the picture, I have no reason to stay here.

The saddest part for me personally, aside from the fact that my favourite professional sports franchise will be no more, is that I will no longer have any reason to keep up this blog. The team moving will likely see my days as a writer come to an end.

I don't know what the future holds, and perhaps this is just one giant bluff, but I don't think it is. Unless something major happens, I think that November 2011 will be the end of Tiger-Cat football in the city of Hamilton.

If this post seems a little scatterbrained and not very coherent, I apologize. I just really don't know what to say, and I just spewed my feelings onto the page.


  1. I am completely pissed at both sides.

    Despite all the crap that's been in the papers the past few weeks, there is still a process going on and it was to reach a decision point tomorrow. And Mr. Mayor is only one vote.

    So why now Bob? Why this definitive message? What does this give you? Why not just lay some hints instead and let the machine get gunked up that way? Why post that positive sounding letter THE VERY SAME MORNING BEFORE you drop that bomb in the afternoon?

    All it does is raise the hackles of those who feel tax money should be spent on nothing that does not improve the roads, sewers, and social programs of the city. And it may just piss off those on council who were not convinced West Harbour was do-able anyway.

    This issue may turn out to have been a good thing for city council, as it may clean out the moldy old wood and replace it with something new and more visionary. But at the cost of the Cats? I will blame both sides for that.

    I will ALWAYS support my hometown, and do plan on moving back there in the near future. And I may remain a CFL fan if the worst comes to pass but would probably pick a new team to follow. But I just don't understand the idiocy that has led to this point, from all sides of the issue.

    My faith in the process is forever scalded.

  2. While I'm no "Johnny Unitus" and have a very limited knowledge of sports - if Hamilton can't/won't keep a CFL, there is NO WAY we will get an NHL team.