Thursday 1 April 2010

Most Hated Tiger-Cats: #2

#2 Adriano Belli
Jerk. The only word I can use for Adriano Belli is jerk. I can't stand this guy. His bark has always been bigger than his bite, and his off-field antics have always overshadowed his on-field production.

He was a menial player in Montreal and turned that into a big free agent contract with the Tiger-Cats. He spent his years here alienating fans with his belligerent behaviour, and overall piss-poor attitude.

Rumours surfaced near the end of his tenure with the team that he had quit trying in an effort to get then-Head Coach Greg Marshall fired. Marshall was fired, and Belli escaped to Toronto.

I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Only one player who ever wore Black & Gold makes my blood boil more than Adriano Belli. The difference is, I at least respect the other player. Belli, on the other hand, is someone I don't respect. As much as I like seeing the Argos lose, I doubly enjoy watching them lose now that Belli is on the team.

For many, many, reasons Adriano Belli comes in at #2 on my list.

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