Monday 12 April 2010

In Obie We Trust

Better news could not have been delivered today. Tiger-Cats' General Manager Bob O'Billovich is staying a little longer in Steeltown after signing a contract extension that will keep him here until 2012.

The title of this post basically sums up my feelings for the man we call Obie. Every move he has made since joining the Tiger-Cats has been the right one. He has brought in:
  • DeAndra' Cobb
  • Dave Stala
  • Alexandra Gauthier
  • Quinton Porter
  • Kevin Glenn
  • Marquay McDaniel
  • Otis Floyd
  • Markeith Knowlton
  • Jamall Johnson
That's to name a few. So far Obie has come up aces every time. It has gotten to the point where people don't even question his moves. Like the title says, In Obie We Trust.

When O'Billovich came to Hamilton in December of 2007 he had very little to work with, and in just two short seasons he has taken a team that couldn't beat anyone and turned them into a bona fide Grey Cup contender.

His track record is almost unmatched, but the work he has done in Hamilton earns him extra kudos because this team was in complete disarray. After surprisingly making the playoffs in 2004, the team went into a tailspin that ended only last season. The team's record from 2005-2008 was an atrocious 15-57. Yikes! In 2009 the team went 9-9 and made the playoffs.

Big things are expected in 2010. Excitement is in the air in Steeltown, and a lot of that excitement is because of the moves that Bob O'Billovich has made to improve this once moribund franchise.

Once again, like the title says, In Obie We Trust

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