Thursday 1 April 2010

Pierce in Demand

And the news just keeps on a-comin'.

Looks like Buck Pierce is one hot commodity. Not only are CFL teams interested (the Bombers, Cats and Als have or will work him out), but he is also being courted by NFL teams. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers have all expressed interest in the former BC Lion signal caller.

No offense to Pierce, who I do think is a great QB and one of the toughest SOBs in the CFL, but I don't want to see him in Hamilton. Adding him in no way improves the team. Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter are more than capable of leading this team, and adding Pierce would mean getting rid of one of them. Both signed extensions this off-season, and if Pierce is added one of them will have to go.

We also have Adam Tafralis, who is a great short-yardage QB and has shown some flashes of skill in limited playing time. It would be a shame if he has to be let go to make room for Pierce.

The one thing I do find interesting is that one team that isn't working out Pierce is a team that could really use him: the Toronto Argonauts. But mystifying decisions are nothing new when it comes to the Double Blue. I still can't wrap my head around their decision to sign Cleo Lemon...or Gibran Hamdan... or trade Arland Bruce... well, you get the point.

It looks like he'll likely end up in Winnipeg if, as the article states, they are ready to make him an offer. That is probably the best place for him because it will allow him an opportunity to start, since only the recently signed Steven Jyles stands in his way. If he was to go to Hamilton or Montreal, he would probably just be a backup.

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