Wednesday 31 March 2010

Most Hated Tiger-Cats: #3

#3: Mike O'Shea
The original turncoat. Mike O'Shea is the first player I can remember who left the Black & Gold for the Double Blue. That alone makes him eligible for this list. In fact, that's the only reason he makes this list.

He played for the Cats for 3 years, from 1993 to 1995. He signed with the Argos in 1996 and became public enemy #1 in Steeltown. That in and of itself secures him a place on this list.

What's worse still, is that he was traded back to Hamilton in 2000...and then went back to Toronto when he became a free agent after the season! Not only was O'Shea a turncoat, but he was a double turncoat! I guess that's apropos seeing as he left the Tabbies for the Double Blue Blew.

Mike O'Shea belongs on this list, and up until recently he would have been #1, but he has since been surpassed by two other players. For now he resides at #3.

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