Thursday 15 April 2010

Armstead Released (UPDATED)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today that they have released WR/KR Jason Armstead. Armstead played for the Riders in 13 games last season, including the playoffs.

Now I know this will probably get me some hate from Ti-Cat fans, but should Obie make a play? I know Armstead didn't exactly light it up the last time he donned the Black & Gold, but he's still a helluva KR, and that's the one area that we still need to address prior to the start of the 2010 season.

I'm not suggesting that the team will sign Armstead, just floating the idea out there that maybe they should at least think about it. If it comes to be, it comes to be. While I'll admit that it is highly unlikely that Armstead will play for the Cats again, the idea isn't that ridiculous, is it?

UPDATE: OK, yes it is ridiculous. I had no idea that Armstead is facing charges for auto burglary, possession of a stolen gun and felony evading police in Mississippi. Apparently these charges were laid in February, but I never heard anything about it. Forget everything I just wrote. He'll be lucky to avoid jail time, let alone be able to play in the CFL any time soon.


  1. I too was thinking that we could bring him back. Now, don't even touch him.

    We don't hear about it because that happens a million times in the states and he's not famous down there.

    If that happened up here, ala Eric Tillman, it would be front page news.

  2. I was surprised that even the Canadian media didn't cover it. The only story I found was from yesterday. TSN never had an article when it happened; Sportsnet didn't have one; No one had one. It's too bad because Armstead is a very talented player. Hopefully he can get his life straightened out.