Friday 2 April 2010

Most Hated Tiger-Cats: #1

The moment you have all been waiting for, the naming of my #1 Most Hated Tiger-Cat. Before I unveil my top villain, the man who wore the Black & Gold jersey and inspires anger in almost every Ti-Cat fan, I'll recap the first four entries on my list:

#5: Brock Ralph
#4: Jesse Lumsden
#3: Mike O'Shea
#2: Adriano Belli

All those guys are more than deserving of being placed on this list, especially O'Shea and Belli, but there can only be one person at the top. Now without further ado, my #1 Most Hated Tiger-Cat is...

#1: Anthony Calvillo
Numero uno on the list, and it's not even close. Anthony Calvillo is easily the most hated player ever to wear a Tiger-Cats uniform. If you wonder why, we shall just look at the stats.

Calvillo was selected #1 overall by the Ti-Cats in the CFL Dispersal Draft that occurred after the U.S.-based teams ceased operations in 1995. He was expected to be the future at the QB position for the Cats. What he did here in his three seasons hardly qualifies. In 1995, Calvillo threw for 2831 yards, 19 TDs and 21 INTs. In 1996, he threw for 2571 yards, 13 TDs and 13 INTs. In his final season, Calvillo managed only 2177 yards, 12 TDs and 11 INTs. As you can see, each year Calvillo regressed from the season before.

In 1998, he signed as a free agent with the Montreal Alouettes, where initially he backed up Tracy Ham. Once Calvillo took the reins of the team, a legend was born. The same guy who couldn't win a football game if his life depended on it in Hamilton – the team went a combined 18-36 from 1995-1997 – suddenly turned into one of the greatest QBs in CFL history.

Since going to Montreal, Calvillo's achievements mark him as one of the best ever:
  • Two-time Grey Cup champion (2002, 2009)
  • Three-time Most Outstanding Player (2003, 2008, 2009)
  • Four-time CFL All Star (2002, 2003, 2008, 2009)
Calvillo also ranks second in almost every significant statistical category for QBs. He is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer, and when all is said and done, he might be considered the greatest QB to ever play in the Canadian Football League.


Calvillo was a bum when he played for the Tabbies, and miraculously morphed into who we see today as soon as he left. It is for that reason that I have selected Anthony Calvillo as my #1 Most Hated Tiger-Cat.

Just like I did with the "Greatest Tiger-Cats of My Lifetime" list, I turn to you, my readers. Do you agree with Calvillo as #1? Is there someone on this list that shouldn't be or someone who isn't that should be? Sound off in the comment section below. If you have a Top 3 or 5 or 10, feel free to share it. I stand by my list, but I am not above hearing from my loyal readers on if they agree or disagree. Let 'er rip.

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  1. I have to respectfully disagree with your #1; Belli tops the list for me. Any player who doesn't do his job - on purpose - and who is as much of a jackass off the field as Belli was doesn't deserve to play for ANY team.

  2. The more and more I think about it the more and more I agree with you. I think if I was to do this over again, I'd put Belli #1, O'Shea #2, Calvillo #3. Calvillo has just been so great since going to Montreal that I think jealousy blinded me.

  3. I honestly don't really hate the players who league to go elsewhere. If you can go make a few extra bucks down the road, we would both do it in a heartbeat.

    The #1 on my list though would be Ralph Sazio, a player, coach and GM who lead the Cats to multiple Grey Cups, leaves and goes down the road to Toronto in 1980. A guy who had been with the Cats for 20 years leaves for the Argos. Most in this city still haven't forgiven him!