Thursday 15 April 2010

Best Ti-Cat Game of 2009: #2

#2 (Week 19) 39-17 WIN at Winnipeg

The only game more important than Labour Day is the Grey Cup. The only way to get to the Grey Cup is to get into the playoffs. The Cats hadn't been to the playoffs since 2004. This win against Winnipeg not only secured the Cats a playoff game, but a home playoff game, which was something the Cats hadn't had since 2001. This game is also famous for the "Boat Celebration." The game started out close, but ended in a rout.

This clinched the Tabbies a playoff spot, and because of that, this game lands at #2 on my list. Only one game from 2009 do I consider better, which will be unveiled tomorrow.

PREVIOUS: #3 (Week 1) vs. Toronto

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