Monday 12 April 2010

Best Ti-Cat Game of 2009: #5

#5 (Week 2): 31-28 WIN at BC

This was the game that started it all. After a Week 1 loss to the Argonauts that made many fans go, "Well, looks like another long season," the Cats went to BC, a place they hadn't won at in five years, starting a fourth-string Running Back named DeAndra' Cobb, and proceeded to shock the CFL. At the time this was an upset. Cobb accumulated 175 total yards and a TD, and it was long-time-Lion-turned-Tiger-Cat Otis Floyd who sealed the game with an interception. The Cats won the game and started turning the 2009 season into one I will never forget. Since this was the game that began the Cats' return to prominence, it ranks as the 5th Best Game of 2009.

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