Sunday 3 May 2015

A New Era and a Couple Thank Yous

I am not entirely sure what to say.

When I started writing, I did it for fun. I kept doing it until it was no longer fun. Then I missed it, went back, and it became fun again. But this... this is nothing I ever thought possible.

As of tomorrow at noon, Blogskee Wee Wee will have a new address over at I am very excited to be a part of this project, which was the brainchild of the Hamilton Spectator's Drew Edwards, and am excited to see what the future holds for not just myself, but for all the other talented people that have joined the 3 Down Nation roster. This is going to be something like you have never seen before.

But before I move on to the future, I do have to say a couple thank yous. First and foremost, I have to thank both Mark and Eric for their contributions since the relaunch this past December. Without them, I might not be here today talking to you about joining 3 Down Nation. I was out of the writing game, but got the itch to go back, but I knew I needed help, and when both Mark and Eric said they were interested in contributing, it was a no-brainer to start back up.

But just because the doors are shutting here, doesn't mean that Mark and Eric are going away. Oh no. Mark will be joining 3 Down Nation as an analytics guru, and if you read his stuff on here or follow him on Twitter, you know that there are few, if any, who know advanced stats better than Mark.

In conjunction with his work here, Eric spent some time getting his own site, The Goal Line Post, off the ground. While he is a Bombers fan (don't hold that against him), he is one of the smartest CFL fans I have had the pleasure of interacting with. So he is going to do big things in the future. I also hope that he will come on the podcast to talk Bombers when Hamilton and Winnipeg play each other. Pester him on Twitter to make sure he knows that you want to hear his take on things.

Speaking of the podcast, that too is coming with me over to 3 Down Nation. Mike and I will continue to do what we have done since launching Podskee Wee Wee in January. In fact, we are recording an episode tomorrow, and I will tell the tale of how I became involved with 3 Down Nation. It is a story that I have been keeping to myself for the better part of three months, and as someone who loves to be surprised, keeping this a secret was half the fun. But the cat is out of the bag, so now you will get me sharing just how this all came to be, at least from my end.

Finally, to everyone that came around during the initial phase of Blogskee Wee Wee, and to those that came on board during BWW 2.0, I hope you all join me over at 3 Down Nation. It is a site that I am proud to be a part of, and it is a site for fans of the entire CFL.

So starting at noon tomorrow, a new era begins. The 3 Down Nation era.