Sunday 7 March 2010

The Lion Signs Tonight

Casey Printers has signed a contract extension for two years, plus an option, to remain with the BC Lions. This signing all but spells the end for Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson in BC. Expect one of them to land with the Argos before long. Word has it that Jackson will probably be the one, as insiders say the team has no interest in Pierce due to his injury history.

Printers belongs in BC. He won the MOP award in 2004... and was then inexplicably benched for the Grey Cup two nights later in favour of Dave Dickenson. The Lions lost to the Argos 27-19. Printers then went down to the NFL to play for the Kansas City Chiefs following the 2005 season. He never got off the bench in his time in KC, and when he was cut just before Labour Day in 2007, a bidding war commenced. The Ti-Cats emerged "victorious" in that war.

Printers then went on to spend one and a half very lackluster seasons in Tigertown. I already spent a whole post defending Printers and his stay in Hamilton, so I don't have much more to add. I don't think Charlie Taaffe, then Head Coach of the Tiger-Cats, utilized Printers properly. He never tailored the offense to Printers's skills, and the team didn't surround him with the best talent with which to succeed. When Marcel Bellefeuille took over as Head Coach it was already too late. What was best for the teams, and for Printers, was for each to go their separate way.

Printers remained unsigned until late last season when the Lions signed him when they lost more Quarterbacks to injury than the Als did games. Printers played well in limited action and led the Lions to the playoffs. The Leos beat the Ti-Cats in the East Division Semi-Final 34-27, but lost to the Alouettes in the East Division Final 58-18.

With Printers signed, that now puts to rest one rumour – Casey going to Toronto – but it ratchets up another one – the Lions trading someone to Toronto. It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out now that Printers is the unquestioned starter in BC.

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