Monday 29 March 2010

Most Hated Tiger-Cats: #5

#5: Brock Ralph
Brock Ralph had all the tools to be a great WR for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, with one major exception: the guy couldn't catch. The clich├ęd phrase "couldn't catch a cold" can be used to describe Ralph. In two full seasons with the Tabbies all Ralph could muster was a measly 91 catches for 1178 yards and 6 TDs.

What the hell kind of production is that? This guy was supposed to be a #1 WR and all he could average was 45 catches for 589 yards and 3 TDs per season? What a waste.

Ralph only comes in at #5 because, well, it's hard to truly hate a guy who is this bad. Just look at the picture I posted. He's dropping the ball! When you Google "Brock Ralph" you get an image all Ti-Cat fans should be familiar with.

Brock Ralph's tenure in Hamilton was an unmitigated disaster, mostly due to his inability to provide anything to a team that sorely needed a spark. I was never a fan, and I continue to not be a fan. When the Bombers come to town – the team that unfortunately employs Ralph now – I take great pleasure in watching Ralph drop pass after pass. Brock Ralph, my #5 Most Hated Tiger-Cat of All Time.

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