Saturday 27 March 2010

Lazy Saturday

With nothing else to do this morning, I decided to kill some time by looking around the CFL website to watch some videos. I stumbled upon their weekly game recaps from 2009, so I decided to relive the 2009 Hamilton Tiger-Cats season. I sat there for over an hour watching the season unfold again.

In re-watching these highlights I was reminded of what a great season we had last year and how much fun this team was to watch. It being the first time that I ever attended every home game (as well as two road games), 2009 will always be special to me. Lots of things happened in 2009 that I never thought possible, and it provided the catalyst for me to finally become a season ticket holder. They say that you never forget your first, and 2009 was a first for me. That season will always hold a special place in my heart.

Another side effect of watching these videos is that I am now more pumped than ever for the 2010 season to begin. If my math is correct it is 97 days until the Tabbies kick off the season in Winnipeg against the Bombers on July 2nd.

We still have the 2010 CFL Draft, training camp and the pre-season – where I will be torturing myself by going to both the home game against Winnipeg and the away game in Toronto – until we finally see the season kick off. I guess these videos will have to hold me over until July 2nd.

Sometimes you never know what you'll stumble upon on a lazy Saturday in March.


  1. Why is going to the pre-season games torture? I would think more games would make for a happy fan! :)

  2. You've clearly never seen a pre-season football game. It's pretty bad. Football is football, but pre-season football is only for the truly depraved... such as myself.