Tuesday 23 March 2010

Knowlton, Floyd, Johnson: Simply the Best

With the recent news that the Tiger-Cats have re-signed Markeith Knowlton, I figured now was as good a time as any to provide a little insight into the Linebacking corps of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Linebackers are considered the heart and soul of every defense, and this is especially true in Hamilton. Without top-notch LBs to anchor a defense, you don't have a defense. The three men that start for the Ti-Cats comprise the best group of LBs in the CFL.

Yes, you read that right. Markeith Knowlton (#25), Otis Floyd (#35) and Jamall Johnson (#28) are the best linebacking group in the entire Canadian Football League.

In 2009, these players exceeded even the most ardent fan's wildest expectations. Knowlton had 95 tackles, one sack, four fumble recoveries, four interceptions, two blocked kicks and two defensive touchdowns and was named a CFL All Star. Johnson led the Cats in tackles with 109, while also recording two sacks and being named a CFL All Star. Floyd finished the season with only 67 tackles, five sacks and one interception, but he was the leader of the group, due mostly to his experience. He was the spokesman for the team, especially the defense; Floyd became the public face of a much improved unit.

All three players will return in 2010, hopefully to anchor an even more impressive defensive unit. Knowlton and Johnson look to bolster their All Star credentials, while Floyd looks to improve on his solid play and continue to be the vocal and emotional leader of the Tiger-Cats defense.

Each team has its strengths and its weaknesses, but few teams have a bigger strength than the Cats have at Linebacker. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have the best Linebacking group in the CFL.

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