Saturday 6 March 2010

More Overtime Talk

I have talked about changes to the CFL's overtime format previously. At the time the CFL was taking fan submissions on potential changes to the system. I advocated a couple myself, and I sent them in to the league to be considered. Well, it looks like they have finally made a recommendation, and I must admit I find it a little odd.

This week, the CFL announced that they would look into making a change to the overtime system that would have a team be forced to attempt a two-point conversion after any TD scored in OT.

This seems more like a tweak than an overhaul or even a real change. I guess the point is that it could lead to fewer ties, with two-point converts being harder to get than the traditional extra-point kick. However, this seems like change for change's sake.

In my previous entry on OT changes, I stated that going for two would be advisable, but only after having already played two full OT periods with no winner having emerged. I guess the CFL decided that this was close enough.

My problem with this recommendation is that it still does not rectify the issues of ties. The teams will still play only two OT periods and if the game is still tied, the game is still tied. Let's be honest, no one likes ties, and games that end in ties are wholly unsatisfying. The saying that a tie is like kissing your sister exists for a reason. This rule will probably make ties less likely, but it won't eradicate them altogether.

I must stress that the rule has not been implemented yet; the league will not make a decision on this change until the spring. It seems inevitable, however, that this will be the new OT reality in the Canadian Football League.

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