Sunday 28 March 2010

My Most Hated Tiger-Cats of All Time

With the popularity of my "Greatest Tiger-Cats of My Lifetime" series, I figured I could go in the opposite direction and give everyone the list of my "Most Hated Tiger-Cats of All Time." I will restrict this list to 5 players. These aren't merely the worst players to play for the Tiger-Cats, but they make the list because of what the did during and after their tenure here. It's not just about bad play, but about various other, unquantifiable factors that every Ti-Cat fan will understand. When these players' names get mentioned, scorn and anger are usually etched on the faces of the people of Tigertown.

I understand that this list can seem a bit crass, but these are the players that I love to boo and love to hate. Some might say that I am only upset because these players went on to greater things elsewhere, but mostly it's because I just hate these players. Turncoats and busts populate this list.

Starting tomorrow, March 29, 2010, I will unveil one player per day for the entire week, culminating with me naming my Most Hated Tiger-Cat of All Time. I hope everyone enjoys this list as much, or more so, than my Greatest Tiger-Cats lists.

Before I get started with the list, and much like with my Greatest Player list, I'll start off with some honourable mentions.

Bo Smith
Bo Smith is only an honourable mention because I hated him for only one season. Attending every Tiger-Cat game last season allowed me to see Bo Smith in person, and boy did he suck. He had to be one of the worst DBs I have ever seen. Big TDs were always scored on Bo Smith. His "coverage" was terrible at best, and atrocious at worst. He made some plays, but for the most part he was the weak link of the secondary.

Casey Printers
Even though I wrote an entire article defending Printers, every self-respecting Ti-Cat fan hates Casey a little. I won't go into details, since I already did in my previous article, but I don't hate Printers the way that others do. I only slightly dislike him, and that's why he is an honourable mention.


  1. What's wrong with Bo Smith? He's been awesome!

    How else did he get a tryout with the Jets?

    Please note: Sarcasm mode on.

  2. Sarcasm is duly noted. The people I sit with at the games began referring to him as "Boo Smith" because he sucked so bad. Man I hope he sticks with the Jets.