Sunday 20 June 2010

Welcome Home

In just a few hours the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will hit the field at Ivor Wynne Stadium for the first time since November. I, for one, am stoked beyond belief to be returning to Ivor Wynne; I doubt I'm the only one.

Despite it being only the pre-season, it's always special watching a game at Ivor Wynne. There is no other place like it. For me, it is the best place to watch a game, bar none. There is just something so Hamilton about Ivor Wynne. It ain't pretty, but it gets the job done, and we all love it regardless of its shortcomings.

This day will be extra special for me as it will be the first home game I attend as a season-ticket holder. Two friends (shout out to Richard and Sarah!) will also be attending with me in their first foray as season-ticketers. Like last week, we won't have a full complement, but the regulars from 2009 (Adam, Pops) will, as always, be there, sitting in what are now our regular seats. No more sneaking into them like last season.

With it being Father's Day, the Ti-Cats had a promotion that with every $75+ purchase at the Tigertown Store, you would receive two free tickets to the game on Sunday. I, being a merchandise fiend, took full advantage of this. I picked up a new jersey because, well, I'm an idiot and three of 'em clearly wasn't enough. More importantly, I also got the two free tickets. I will be using those two tickets to take to my Dad and brother (who will soon, himself, be a Dad to a little boy) to tomorrow's game.

On the actual topic of the game, if Coach Bellefeuille is to be believed, it is likely that the starters will see significant action, perhaps as much as two quarters' worth of playing time. That was significantly more than I expected, but is a welcome piece of news nonetheless.

One player who won't be suiting up is Maurice Mann. Mann was nicked up at practice last week, and as a precaution the team has decided not to dress one of their biggest off-season acquisitions. We'll have to wait a little longer to see the Mann-Bruce combo that every Cat fan seems to be dying to see.

With this being a home game, I should have my thoughts about the game up earlier than last week. Not sure if I'll have pictures, because my cameraman (camerawoman actually) won't be attending this game, but I'll see what I can do. I don't think anyone comes on here for the pictures, anyway. Also, maybe I'll get lucky and have only one person call me a moron after I post my opinion on this week's game. I've got my fingers crossed on that one.

So game time is almost here; are you as excited as I am?

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