Monday 21 June 2010

8 Teams, 8 Days: Edmonton Eskimos

Last Season: 9-9, 3rd in the West (Lost West Division Semi-Final 24-21 to Calgary)


The Edmonton Eskimos need not worry when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. They have a great Quarterback in Ricky Ray, a stud-in-training in Running Back Arkee Whitlock and a deep, talented Wide Receiving corps with Kamau Peterson, Fred Stamps and Andre Talbot. Where the Eskies are vulnerable is the Offensive Line. Patrick Kobango is considered one of the best in the CFL, but otherwise the line leaves something to be desired. If the Linemen can jell together, this could be a very dangerous, very potent offense in 2010.

Player to Watch: WR Kelly Campbell


The wildcard on the Defensive Line is Adam Braidwood. Braidwood has been battling injuries for the better part of the last two seasons, and it seems that he is finally healthy and ready to resume his CFL career. The Linebackers are decent, if anonymous to those outside of Edmonton. The Defensive Backs is where Edmonton should see its biggest improvement. After going until late August last season before registering an interception, the Esks beefed up their Secondary by trading for former Tiger-Cat Chris Thompson. The addition of Thompson will be key for a defensive resurgence in Edmonton.

Player to Watch: Chris Thompson

Overall Impressions

The Eskimos are one of those teams that, even when bad, they are still pretty good. Last year they were a very schizophrenic team. One week they'd look like world beaters (when they hammered Montreal), and another week they'd look like garbage (losing 32-8 to Calgary). The Esks are still probably a playoff team, and with no one other than Saskatchewan really distancing themselves (and even that is debatable), I would be surprised if the Esks didn't have a chance to get to the Grey Cup, which just so happens to be in Edmonton this season.

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