Sunday 6 June 2010

One Week

In exactly one week I will be sitting in the friendly confines of the Rogers Centre SkyDome with the fine folk that I will attend most every Tiger-Cat game with in 2010 (Richard, Adam, Pops, Emily), watching the Hamilton Tiger-Cats play for the first time since November. I know it's only a pre-season matchup with the Argonauts, but I'm excited that the CFL is back!

In honour of the season beginning, I have decided that this week will be Tiger-Cats Week. What I will be doing is sporting only Tiger-Cats apparel (t-shirts, jerseys, hats) during the week. I will wear a different Ti-Cat emblazoned article of clothing every day, culminating on Sunday when I will wear my Otis Floyd away jersey to a game. I said last season that if Floyd was re-signed, that I'd have his jersey made up. Back in March, I did just that.

I will admit that since I spend four days a week in Toronto, some of this idea came to mind as a way to try to annoy as many Torontonians as possible. I've been booed at the Rogers Centre SkyDome, heckled at Cats-Argos games and had many a sideways glance shot my way for wearing the Black & Gold while riding the subway. Sometimes it's a lot of fun playing the bad guy.

One week everyone, one short week.

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