Monday 21 June 2010

Cat Cuts

It was announced this evening that the Cats have parted ways with 10 players:
  • Cody Balogh (OL)
  • Brian Calhoun (RB)
  • Amarri Jackson (WR)
  • LaRoche Jackson (DB)
  • Shannon James (LB)
  • Damon McDaniel (WR)
  • Burl Toler (WR)
  • Scott Valberg (WR)
  • Rodney Van (DB)
  • Marlon Williams (LB)
Not a lot of surprises here. I had very high hopes for Brian Calhoun when he was signed, but his lack of quality play, and Demetris Summers's phenomenal play, made Calhoun expendable.

Rodney Van seemed to play relatively well, but I think he was simply a victim of the numbers game. There are so many quality DBs in Hamilton that his making the club was always viewed as a long shot.

More cuts will come in the next few days as the Cats try to get down to the roster limit of 46, plus 7 on the practice squad. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, not really any surprises though I figured James would stick around.

    There will be some interesting decisions to make, especially among some of our NIs. Maybe 6 guys will be cut, with the rest put on injured reserve.

    - Hamilton vs Fournier vs Brown vs Schmidt.
    - Does Matechuk risk losing his job to a more multi-dimensional player in Schmidt?
    - Will Nicolson stick? Carter and MacKay seem to be keepers; maybe it's Bauman in question?
    - Husband vs Carlson? Spanos?
    - Beswick vs Hood vs Wladichuk? Heyward?
    - Can Hargrave stay among the strongest unit on the team?
    - Van Sichem vs Dalloul vs Reid, Vega vs Smith
    - Boltus schmoltus?

    It will be hard for a CFL-newcomer to crack what is likely the most solid veteran roster we've had since 1999.