Tuesday 8 June 2010

Adams Retires

There have been a slew of odd retirements recently (especially out of Calgary), but this is the first one to come from the Tiger-Cats' camp, as Defensive Lineman Darrell Adams has decided to hang up the cleats.

Neither the team nor Adams gave a reason for the retirement. I have no idea why Adams would choose to call it a career at this time, and I will not speculate about it. He has his reasons, and that's really all that matters. He's decided to move on, and now we must as well.

I, along with the Ti-Cat Nation, thank Darrell for his time in the Black & Gold and wish him all the best with whatever he chooses to do in the future.


  1. I thought this was going to be his year. He played great last year and thought this was just going to be the next step.

    Interesting to see why he retired. My guess is that he has other business interests and making 80K or so CDN isn't worth it to him.

    I was close to buying an Adams jersey! Phew!

  2. I too was considering an Adams jersey! It was between him and Dylan Barker; guess my choice has been made.

  3. He played half the season last year. So realistically, how much will he be missed?

    I was hoping he'd have a full healthy season because he had potential, especially if he could return to the form that made for a great 2008.

    But I think this opens the door for Kirk to play more (and he was good in 2009), Bolden did a good job too, and McIntyre even got in some time at DT. And this gives a new guy like Steele a chance to stake a claim on playing time.