Saturday 26 June 2010

Summers Released

I have to say, I'm dumbfounded. The Tiger-Cats announced today that they have parted ways with Running Back Demetris Summers, while signing Running Back Marcus Thigpen and Offensive Linemen Mark Dewit.

I really do not understand this move. One of the best players in the pre-season for the Cats, in my opinion, was Summers. He had a couple of fumbles, but otherwise looked great. He ran the ball with purpose, he hit the holes hard and he performed very well as a Kick Returner. He didn't have breakaway speed (he was caught from behind in the Toronto game), but I didn't see very many flaws in his game. He was easily one of the three or four best players in the pre-season, and I am completely flabbergasted that he's been let go.

I don't know much about Marcus Thigpen. He was cut by the Roughriders last week, but the scuttlebutt seems to be that he's a quicker player than Summers and will now be the Cats' primary Kick Returner. At the Black and Gold Day scrimmage, Thigpen and Drisan James handled all the Kick Return duties.

Still, all that said, this one is still a grade-A noodle scratcher to me.


  1. Better is better. Repeat: Better is better.

    I feel like you do, but I think if Thigpen can be better on returns for us, it's the smart move. Wasn't sold on Summers as a full-time KR - it's not just the breakaway speed, but the quickness getting started as well. I don't think he had either.

    Martin Manson should be a little more positive about making the active roster at some point. Dropping Summers increases the need for another returner, and McDaniel and James are good receivers who shouldn't spend too much energy returning kicks (though if they rotate them in, and Bruce can still do that on occasion too, I guess we'll see)

    Summers will get picked up by somebody... this... summer. ;-)

  2. I know the mantra, I do. I'm just surprised is all.

    If Thigpen turns out to be the better KR, then all is well. I just really thought that Summers would be great insurance should Cobb get hurt. Of course, the Cats have had a remarkable ability to find good RBs. Heck, we need look no further than our current starter.

    I hope Manson does become the KR with Thigpen. He looked too good in the Winnipeg game not to get a look in the regular season.