Friday, 3 June 2011

Ways to Grow the Game: TSN Radio

In an ongoing attempt to find ways to make the CFL a larger, more successful professional sports league, I will be looking at ideas that can push the CFL to the forefront of pro sports in Canada and North America. I have titled these articles "Ways to Grow the Game."

It's been a while since I did one of these, but it's been a while since I thought of anything that would fit the premise.

The relationship between TSN and the CFL has been tremendous. The league has garnered its highest exposure ever, with TSN attracting larger audiences leading to record-setting ratings for CFL broadcasts.

Right now, the CFL is hotter than it has ever been, and the desire for CFL-related programming is at an all-time high.

TSN launched TSN Radio 1050 back in April, and since the partnership between the CFL and TSN has been so successful, a logical program for the station would be a two- or three-hour block of CFL talk.

The station would not have to look far for personalities for the program. Both Mike Hogan and Dave Naylor are currently employed by TSN, so put those two together and let them go. It would be must-listen programming for all CFL fans.

I can envision a weekly show every Wednesday discussing the past week and previewing the week ahead. How many people out there that follow the CFL would make sure to listen to that show every Wednesday? I know I would!

I realize that radio is not the most innovative of mediums, but TSN has sunk a lot of time and effort into making TSN Radio a big deal. TSN Radio has already acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast Toronto Argonauts games and have announced "Argos All Access," hosted by Mike Hogan. TSN Radio sees at least the Argos as a worthwhile investment, so it would seem like a putting together an all-CFL show would be a no-brainer. The appetite is there for more CFL programming, and adding a CFL show to TSN Radio would be a great way to continue to grow the game.

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