Monday, 27 June 2011

Hage, Stala Named to Duane Forde's Top Canadians

Duane Forde named his top ten Canadians tonight, and the list looks as follows:

10. Davis Sanchez (BC Lions)
9. Marwan Hage (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)
8. Kevin Eiben (Toronto Argonauts)
7. Ricky Foley (Toronto Argonauts)
6. Josh Bourke (Montreal Alouettes)
5. Paris Jackson (BC Lions)
4. Dave Stala (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)
3. Doug Brown (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
2. Shea Emry (Montreal Alouettes)
1. Jon Cornish (Calgary Stampeders)

I am a little surprised by where each Tiger-Cat player ranked.

Forde ranked Ricky Foley two spots ahead of Hage, and I just can't agree with that. Foley is very talented, but didn't do much last year. Going into this season, I'd rather have Hage at Centre than Foley at Defensive End.

Stala, who was last year's runner-up for Most Outstanding Canadian, was ranked lower than I expected. Ranking Stala behind Brown, Emry and Cornish is debatable.

But I guess the fun with these lists is that they spark debate. Forde is entitled to his opinion, and his list isn't "wrong," but I just don't agree with it entirely. He probably nailed the best ten – though I think I would have put Chris Getzlaf on this list somewhere – but his placement is what I find myself not agreeing with.

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