Tuesday 7 June 2011

Ti-Cats Make Roster Moves

The Ti-Cats made some roster moves today, releasing six players.

Kicker Greg Gunderson; Linebacker Joseph Malaboyuc; Receivers Blaine Krueger, Brandon Owens and James Swinton and Running Back Conte Cuttino are all no longer vying for jobs.

Gunderson's release means that the job of Kicker will be handled by either Eric Wilbur or Justin Medlock.

The weirdest release was that of Conte Cuttino, who was apparently let go because of his use of Twitter. He apparently broke team rules by using Twitter to disclose team injuries that the team had yet to release. I have some thoughts on this, and I'll try to get them posted either tomorrow or Thursday.

The Cats also announced that Ike Brown would be going on the nine-game injured list, and Markeith Knowlton will be placed on the suspended list while he deals with an injury. He can come off that list at any time, but it is expected that he'll miss some practice time to heal his injury.

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