Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Top Prospects of the 2011 CFL Draft

The CFL Scouting Bureau has published its list of the top prospects for the 2011 CFL Draft.

The list consists of the fifteen top prospects as of today. It should be noted, in case anyone did not know, that this is strictly Canadian players. They can play in the NCAA or CIS, but they must be Non-Imports to qualify for the CFL Draft.

There are a total of five (5) NCAA players and ten (10) CIS players, if you count Vaughn Martin (who plays in the NFL, but went to Western). The top prospect is Baylor Offensive Lineman Phillip Blake, and the top CIS prospect is Calgary Slotback Anthony Parker.
  1. Phillip Blake, Offensive Line, Baylor
  2. Scott Mitchell, Offensive Line, Rice
  3. Anthony Parker, Slotback, Calgary
  4. Vaughn Martin, Defensive Tackle, Western (he currently plays for the San Diego Chargers)
  5. Tyler Holmes, Offensive Line, Tulsa
  6. Moe Petrus, Offensive Line, UConn
  7. Nathan Coehoorn, Wide Receiver, Calgary
  8. Matt O'Donnell, Offensive Line, Queen's
  9. Renaldo Sagesse, Defensive Line, Michigan
  10. Henoc Muamba, Linebacker, St. FX
  11. Hugh O'Neill, Punter/Kicker, Alberta
  12. Pascal Baillargeon, Offensive Line, Laval
  13. Anthony Barrette, Offensive Line, Concordia
  14. Matt Walter, Running Back, Calgary
  15. Jade Etienne, Wide Receiver, Saskatchewan
The Tiger-Cats hold the fifth pick in the first round, much better than last year when they did not have a first-round pick after using it in the supplementary draft in 2009 on Zac Carlson (who was released back in June). It's not too early to be thinking about the draft, is it?

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