Wednesday 15 December 2010

CFL Free Agents

After all the hand wringing we finally have a list of all the potential free agents for 2011. I know it is way too early to even think about which of these guys will be free to take their talents to South Beach elsewhere, but there isn't much else going on, so why not have a little fun.

BC Lions
Tad Crawford (S)
Jarious Jackson (QB)

My Take: No reason to pick either guy up.

Dwight Anderson (DB)
Brandon Browner (DB)
Wes Lysack (S)
Tom Johnson (DT)
Terrarius George (DL)
DeVone Claybrooks (DT)
Ben Archibald (OL)
Romby Bryant (R)
Rob Cote (SB)
Randy Chevrier (LS)
Ryan Thelwell (R)
Milton Collins (DB)

My Take: Anderson, Browner, Claybrooks, Archibald, Bryant and Collins would all look pretty good in Black & Gold. While I'm not a fan personally of Anderson or Browner, the Cats need help in the Secondary and these two guys were All-Stars in 2010. One of those two, if available, would be who I would target.

Kelly Campbell (R)
Walter Curry (DL)
Skyler Green (R)
Jason Nugent (S)
Tim St. Pierre (LB)
Chris Thompson (DB)
Justin Medlock (K)

My Take: One player the Cats should move heaven and Earth to get is Chris Thompson. Hamilton traded him to Edmonton last season for Maurice Mann. It would be quite the coup for the Cats to get him back. Obie, don't hesitate. If Thompson is free, GO GET HIM! Justin Medlock might be an option should the Cats decide to part ways with Sandro DeAngelis, and Kelly Campbell might be worth a look.

Mike McCullough (LB)
Kitwana Jones (DL)
Lance Frazier (DB)
Chris McKenzie (DB)
Sean Lucas (LB)
Neal Hughes (RB)
Joel Bell (OL)
Jeremy O'Day (OL)
Gene Makowsky (OL)
Wayne Smith (OL)
Daniel Francis (DB)

My Take: Another team, another DB. This time, it's Lance Frazier. I think adding him to the Defensive backfield would be a tremendous signing by the Cats.

Yvenson Bernard (RB)
Ibrahim Khan (C)
Jonathan Hefney (DB)
Dorian Smith (DL)
Joe Lobendahn (LB)
Jon Oosterhuis (FB)
Daryl Stephenson (RB)
Shawn Gallant (S)
Keyou Craver (DB)

My Take: A lot of people will say target Jonathan Hefney, but I'm not sold on him. He's a good player, but I don't know if he's much better than what the Cats already have. Yvenson Bernard could be the competition to push DeAndra' Cobb. He looked very good for the Bombers in 2009, but did not get very many opportunities in 2010. I don't recall him being hurt, so it seems as if he's just fallen out of favour with the Winnipeg coaching staff. Hamilton would be a nice landing spot for the former Oregon State star.

Adriano Belli (DL)
Shannon Boatman (OL)
Chad Rempel (R)
Jeff Keeping (OL)
Bryan Crawford (ST)
Kevin Huntley (DT)
Ronald Flemons (DL)
Eric Taylor (DL)
Jeremaine Copeland (R)
Lin-J Shell (DB)

My Take: None. Hamilton should never take Argo scraps. I kid, of course. Lin-J Shell would be nice to have on the Cats. He has been a very good DB for the Boatmen, and I don't think this would be a repeat of the Jason Shivers-Will Poole debacle last season. Bringing Bryan Crawford home would be good too. The Hamilton-born Special Teams ace would look good in his hometown colours. Also, wishful thinking would hope that Jeremaine Copeland would move on down the QEW, but I doubt he's leaving Toronto.

Anthony Calvillo (QB)
Ben Cahoon (R)
Avon Cobourne (RB)
S.J. Green (R)
Jerald Brown (DB)
Damon Duval (K)
Chip Cox (LB)
Andrew Hawkins (ST)
Danny Desriveaux (R)
J.P. Bekasiak (DL)
Chris Leak (QB)
Martin Bedard (LS)
Shawn Mayne (DE)
Larry Taylor (KR)

My Take: Well, let's grab Calvillo, Green, Brown, Cox and Taylor. Now, back to reality. I can't see many of these guys leaving unless they aren't wanted. Cobourne may be available, and Taylor is available; both would look decent in Tiger-Cat uniforms. Just, please, do not sign Damon Duval. Living through DeAngelis in 2010 was hard enough; Duval would be an unmitigated disaster.

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