Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Stamps (and Thompson) Not Going Anywhere

So much for Fred Stamps becoming a Tiger-Cat. The Edmonton Eskimos have signed Stamps, as well as Chris Thompson and Walter Curry, to contract extensions.

Rumours had been floating that the Eskimos were going to move their All-Star Receiver, and I figured Hamilton should make a play for him.

Now, just because he signed an extension does not mean he cannot be dealt. I just don't see why the Eskimos would sign him only to trade him a couple of days/weeks/months later. I'd be surprised if Stamps wasn't wearing his familiar Green & Gold come Canada Day.

Chris Thompson staying in Edmonton is significant as well because the Cats need Secondary help, and Thompson was one of Hamilton's best DBs until his trade last off-season to Edmonton for Maurice Mann.

I didn't like the trade then, and after this season, I still don't like the trade. Mann was very inconsistent in 2010, but he did show flashes at the end of the season. Hopefully, with Mann being in his second year in Hamilton, he can become that complementary threat to Arland Bruce.

With Thompson off the market, the Cats are now going to have to turn elsewhere to help fix their inconsistent Secondary. Lin-J Shell, anyone? (Now that I have said that, Shell will be re-signed by Toronto in about 16 hours.)

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