Wednesday 22 December 2010

Surprise! Porter Thinks He Should be the Starter

I said earlier in the week that I would have an opinion on who the Hamilton Tiger-Cats should get to be the backup Quarterback to Kevin Glenn in 2011 – and that is still coming – but after Quinton Porter, the current backup to Kevin Glenn, decided to speak to The Portland (Maine) Press Herald, my focus changed.

The article implies that Porter believes he could play in the NFL, but he also seems to think that he should be the starting Quarterback for the Tiger-Cats. On both points I disagree.

I will not delve into the NFL stuff, since I think it is foolish to even consider the notion that Porter could be an NFL signal caller. But I will touch on his not-so-subtle suggestion that he should be the starter for the Tiger-Cats.

Now, before I go into this, I will say that Porter did not say categorically that he should be the starter in Hamilton; he did say that he "need[s] more chances to start." Since he is still a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, I believe that quote implies that he believes that he should be starting for Hamilton. Am I wrong in drawing that conclusion?

What has Quinton Porter shown in his three years in Hamilton that makes him believe that he deserves to start for the Tiger-Cats, or any other CFL team for that matter? People still cling to that one game he had against Montreal... three seasons ago! Yes, he looked tremendous in that game, and was then handed the reins in 2009. He then proceeded to s**t the bed and was replaced by Kevin Glenn. He barely got on the field in 2010 because Glenn had what amounted to one of the best seasons a Tiger-Cat Quarterback has ever had. It's looking more and more like that 2008 game against the Alouettes was an aberration.

I was always a fan of Quinton Porter because I thought with his mix of height and speed he could be a dangerous weapon at Quarterback. But when he was handed the starting job in 2009, he did nothing with it. Since being replaced by Glenn, all Glenn has done is guide the Tiger-Cats to back-to-back playoff seasons and, in 2010, put together one of the best seasons a Hamilton Tiger-Cat Quarterback ever has.

I don't want to bash Porter, but it seems as if he has a belief in himself that does not match his output so far in his young professional career. I'm not saying he can't develop into something special, but he hasn't shown any growth from Year One to Year Two to Year Three. I have no idea what he thinks he has done to believe that he should be on the field and Glenn should be on the bench.

Quinton Porter seems to be the only one that thinks Quinton Porter should be a starting Quarterback.


  1. I think you've taken Porter's comments entirely out of context. He is the most famous althete in recent history from Maine and has given a lot back to our little state. He is naturally portrayed in a rose-tinted glow in the hometown press, as any professional athlete is when he goes home. Turn off your google alert and let the man have his off-season, plan his wedding and be with his family in Maine.

  2. Sorry, but when a a player on the Tiger-Cats, who I have sat and watched during his entire career, decides to make comments to the media about his playing status, he is going to find people like me who will criticize him for that.

    I don't care about his personal life; that means nothing to me. I care about what he does on the football field. His comments were football-related, this is a football blog. Simple as that. I wish no ill will on him, but he needs to know that anything he says publicly can, and will, be scrutinized.

    Also, I highly doubt what I have written will ruin Porter's off-season. My reach does not extend that far.