Friday, 10 December 2010

Three Questions: Montreal Alouettes

The off-season is underway and every team faces questions. Today, I look at the questions facing the Montreal Alouettes.

Will Marc Trestman be back?
I think he will be. Trestmen has been linked to multiple jobs – most notably the University of Minnesota – but I suspect that Trestmen will stay and fulfill his contract. He doesn't seem like the type of guy that would leave just for money. For a new challenge, absolutely, but not just for more money. I would be surprised if Trestman isn't patrolling the sidelines for the Alouettes when the 2011 season begins.

Will Anthony Calvillo be back?
We all heard Calvillo's revelation following his Grey Cup win that he needed surgery on his thyroid. We all know that Calvillo is going to undergo surgery to remove half of said thyroid. We all heard him say that he should be ready to return in 2011. I believe him. Unless things go horribly wrong – and I truly hope that does not happen – Cavillo will be taking snaps for the Als for at least one more season. (Side note: I do expect the 2011 season to be Calvillo's last. He'll have at least three Grey Cup rings and every significant all-time passing record. No better way to go out than on top.)

Is this the end of their run?
No, I think the Als still have one more year left in them with this group. As long as Anthony Calvillo is still slinging the ball, this team has a shot to win it all. I won't say they will win a third-straight Grey Cup, but I wouldn't bet against them either.

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