Sunday, 12 December 2010

Things Just Got A Lot More Interesting Stay the Same (UPDATE)

Anyone want to coach the two-time defending Grey Cup champions? It looks like the job will be open as it is being reported that Marc Trestman will be named the new Head Coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

Let the speculation begin as to who will replace Trestman. I don't even have a guess because I thought it unfathomable that he would leave Montreal. The Als job is easily the most coveted and prestigious in the CFL right now. Whoever gets the job has a ready-made championship team.

However, I wonder what Trestman's departure will mean for some of the veteran players, namely Anthony Calvillo. Might Calvillo, who we all know is undergoing thyroid surgery, decide that with Trestman leaving, now might be the time to hang 'em up?

And here I thought December was a dull month in the CFL.

EDIT: Scratch that. Looks like Temple Head Coach Al Golden will become the new Head Coach at the University of Miami.

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