Monday, 20 December 2010

Some of This, Some of That

Today was a fairly busy day. We had a team get a Head Coach... but then not. We had some news about the Pan Am Stadium, and the news was not good.

It was thought that the Roughriders had a Head Coach... then they didn't. Earlier today, it was reported by CFL Daily that Montreal Offensive Coordinator Scott Milanovich would be named the new Head Coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Then the brown stuff hit the proverbial oscillator and Milanovich was not hired. It seems as if the Riders have not made a decision. No one is perfect, but in the rush to be the first to report, accuracy was sacrificed.

I said I was shunning all talk about the stadium until there were shovels in the ground, but when news happens, news happens. Aberdeen and Longwood is dead. It would cost upwards of $70 to $90 million just to buy the land. Newly elected mayor Bob Bratina now wants Confederation Park looked at. It's looking more and more likely that the stadium will not be built in Hamilton. I'm going to refrain from editorializing too much. All I'm going to say is:

Fred Eisenberger, you're a f**king idiot! Thanks for nothing, jackass. Your legacy is assured. You're the moron who pissed away $100 million in government funds. Nice job, dickhead.

I'll get back to some football-related stuff later in the week, including an interesting rumour that nearly no one seems to be reporting or even talking about, and who I think should be the backup Quarterback of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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