Friday 3 December 2010

Ken Miller's Decision and Its Raminfications in Hamilton

As everyone knows, Ken Miller has stepped down as the Head Coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the decision has some interesting ramifications for the Tiger-Cats.

With Miller moving upstairs, that leaves the Saskatchewan job vacant. Two candidates, at least according to TSN's Dave Naylor, are Richie Hall and Greg Marshall. Now, rumours have been floating around that Marshall has been let go by the Tiger-Cats; whether that is true or not is unknown at this time. The rumoured replacement for Marshall has been one Richie Hall.

If Marshall gets the job, good for him. He's a good football coach and deserves the opportunity to lead a team. Marshall moving to Saskatchewan would also open the door for Hall to come to Hamilton.

Now, what happens if Hall gets the Saskatchewan job? Does that mean that Marshall will remain with the Tiger-Cats? Could the Cats whiff on getting Hall and lose Marshall? Who would the team then hire as Defensive Coordinator? Have the Tiger-Cats acted too quickly in (allegedly) getting rid of Marshall? It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the Tiger-Cats.

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