Friday 30 September 2011

Smitty's Selections: Week 14

We've reached the two-thirds mark of the season, and so much is still to be figured out. Six of the eight teams are at or above .500, and that makes picking winners that much more difficult.

Montreal at Winnipeg

Winnipeg is starting to deal with a little adversity, namely injuries to their starting Quarterback Buck Pierce (who will miss this week's game) and to Running Backs Fred Reid and Carl Volny (both are out for the remainder of the season). The Als are dealing with their own injury problems, as Shea Emry and Tad Crawford were both put on the nine-game injured list, which effectively ends both their seasons. Winnipeg went into Montreal two weeks ago and beat the Als. The Als return the favour.

Winner: Montreal, 37-20

Edmonton at British Columbia

The Lions are, by far, the hottest team in the CFL right now. The fact that their winning streak coincided with the arrival of Arland Bruce is not lost on this Tiger-Cat fan. Edmonton has been up and down since their 5-0 start. This is the first game at the renovated BC Place, so the crowd will be large and loud. The Eskimos are good, but five wins in a row and an atmosphere that will feel like a home opener have me thinking there is no way that the Lions will drop this one.

Winner: British Columbia, 31-24

Saskatchewan at Calgary

Both of these teams were blown out last week; Saskatchewan was humbled at home by BC and Calgary was crushed by Hamilton in Moncton. The Riders need this one more than the Stamps, but the Stamps have problems of their own that they need to work out. It what will be an ugly game, the Stamps find a way to actually win at home.

Winner: Calgary, 23-18

Hamilton at Toronto

A lot of trash talk coming from the Argos heading into this one, as Ejiro Kuale has guaranteed an Argo win and Cory Boyd has said he'll go for 200 yards. When you're 3-9, it's probably best to not say anything. The Cats are coming in off the high of scoring 55 points for the first time in 12 years, but we all know the Tabbies can follow up greatness with disappointment. Much like Saskatchewan, Toronto needs this one. Like Saskatchewan, they won't get it. Tabbies shut Kuale and Co. up.

Winner: Hamilton, 35-17

Montreal, British Columbia, Calgary, Hamilton

Season Record: 26-22

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