Tuesday 13 September 2011

Cats Cut Hyland and Argos Sign Prechae

Two moves of note for Tiger-Cat fans today, as the team released Defensive Back David Hyland and the Argonauts signed former Tiger-Cat Receiver Prechae Rodriguez.

Hyland wasn't in Hamilton very long; he signed less than a month ago. I had hoped that Hyland would catch on because I liked what little I saw of him. I don't know what happened in the game this past Sunday, but I am sad to see him leave. As a fan, he was easy to like. He communicated with fans via his Twitter account (hylander37), and being accessible means a lot.

I also think Hyland has a ton of talent and just needs to find the right team with the right scheme to harness that talent. When he finally does find his spot, the team that snags him will be happy.

Best of luck in the future, David.

The other bit of news is about the man formerly known as "Big Play." (It's been a long time since Rodriguez has done anything to deserve that moniker.)

Rodriguez has the reputation of being a supremely talented player with a poor worth ethic. The label of "soft" has been thrown around by more than a few people as well.

Rodriguez told the National Post's Mark Master that he feels like Toronto is it and that the Argos will be his last team.

He is probably right, but I don't think it's for the reasons he thinks it is. He might shine with the Argos; he might hit it off with Steven Jyles and go on to have an excellent career. But the Argos are his last stop because I don't see any other teams taking him on if it doesn't work out in Toronto. This is his fifth team, and none of the three teams that he hasn't already played for (Winnipeg, Calgary and BC) need his services. Toronto is probably his last chance to salvage his CFL career.

I'm interested to see how it works out for Rodriguez in Toronto.

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