Friday 23 September 2011

Smitty's Selections: Week 13

I interrupt this travel blog to bring you some actual football content. Sure, it's only my weekly picks, but just to assuage any fears people had that this would turn into some weird Lonely Planet-CFL hybrid, I'm here to assure you that once this road trip is over, it will be back to 100 per cent football.

Montreal at Edmonton

I would have to think that Edmonton has revenge on their mind after the way they were destroyed by Montreal back when these teams played in mid-August. Edmonton looked awful, and Montreal beat them 27-4. With the Als looking very vulnerable and the Esks looking pretty impressive, the revenge-seeking Eskimos will take care of business at Commonwealth. Eskimos by a touchdown.

Winner: Edmonton, 33-26

British Columbia at Saskatchewan

This game features two under-.500 teams that are the two hottest teams in the league. Combined they have won their past seven games and have looked good doing it. They took two different paths to right their respective ships -- with BC doing pretty much nothing and Saskatchewan (in news I'm sure you haven't heard yet) firing their Head Coach -- but both teams have put themselves back in the playoff hunt. This should be a good game, but I have to side with the home team. The Riders take a close one.

Winner: Saskatchewan, 28-24

Winnipeg at Toronto

All signs, and I mean all signs point to a Winnipeg victory. They are the best team in the CFL right now; Toronto is the worst. They have a dominant Defense that can stop anybody; Toronto has a horrible Offense that can't beat anybody. Winnipeg is coming off a big win in Montreal; Toronto has lost three in a row. By any measure, Winnipeg should trounce Toronto. But... that is why they play the games (Thanks, Chris Berman). Every year, we see teams win that shouldn't. I'm going out on the longest of limbs and saying that the Argos find a way to beat the Blue Bombers.

Winner: Toronto, 24-20

Calgary vs. Hamilton (In Moncton)

This game will be played in Moncton as part of the CFL's Touchdown Atlantic initiative. This is technically a Hamilton home game, but it's far from it. This will be a crowd that will be split, and there may even be more Stampeder fans than Tiger-Cat fans. In any event, Hamilton needs this win. They have been terrible the last two weeks, and a win in Moncton will help calm a lot of nerves in Steeltown. I expect the Cats to come out strong and hold off a late Calgary charge to leave New Brunswick with the win.

Winner: Hamilton, 30-24

Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Hamilton

Season Record: 24-20

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