Thursday 1 September 2011

More Stadium News

Just when you think the well has run dry on new stadium developments, the bucket goes down and brings up more water.

We will start off with the rumour that the field at the new stadium will be oriented north-south as opposed to the current east-west orientation. What could be the reason for wanting to change how the stadium is situated? Would it allow for more temporary seats for a Grey Cup game? Is it more desirable for the field to go north-south as opposed to east-west? There has to be a reason for wanting the change beyond aesthetics.

One of the questions I posed yesterday was about how much of a price increase fans would see on tickets for the 2012 season. That was answered today, as it looks like prices will rise by two per cent over this year's prices. That's not an unfair or unreasonable increase and is inline with recent price increases.

There has been a lot of news over the last couple of days on the stadium front, but from where this man sits, it has all been positive. I'm sure future news will continue this positive trend.

I would also like to add that I am getting increasingly excited about seeing what the new stadium will offer. I know there are some Negative Nellies out there that can find fault with anything, but I find all the recent news to be extremely encouraging.


  1. "Negative Nellies" - love it. Yeah man - it's good for your team and for the league. What do you think of fewer seats? Will that impact the noise level? The Bombers are definitely getting a push from their crowd, will a 22,500 seat facility generate enough of a boom?

  2. Cats games draw between 22-25,000 now, so I don't think the noise level will be affected. Plus, I think that the stadium will be expanded to at least 25,000 seats before too long. I have no basis for this at all, it's purely my own gut feeling.

  3. I like the idea of a north-south field. Should provide a lot more room for temp seats, though it will be interesting to see what it would do for the 'swirling winds' that give certain kickers oh so much trouble.

    IWS with 16,000 people back in the '90s, when the team couldn't draw flies, was loud. 22k will be in the new stadium and I agree, they will find a way to eke more seats out of the budget or add cheapies once the thing is built.