Friday 9 September 2011

Smitty's Selections: Week 11

The CFL always tries to come up with pithy names for special weeks. We have the Canada Day Kickoff, Labour Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend and Touchdown Atlantic. Why, then, did the league not come up with a name for this weekend's slate of rematches from Labour Day? Revenge Weekend or something like that? Anyway, all four games are repeats of what we saw a week ago. It's hard to beat a team back to back, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

Calgary at Edmonton

Not many believed Edmonton was going to win last week, and they did so by putting a halt to their losing streak, which had reached three games, in Calgary on Labour Day. That was the hard part. Fred Stamps is primed and ready for his return. The Eskimos are a better team when Stamps plays. Calgary is still a good team, and I expect a much better effort this time around, but as the Eskimos begin to get healthier, they are going to get back to their early-season winning ways. Eskimos by a touchdown.

Winner: Edmonton, 34-27

Toronto at British Columbia

The Steven Jyles era begins in Toronto. The Argos have been looking for a Quarterback since Damon Allen called it a career. Whether Jyles is the guy will be known soon enough. BC is right on schedule for its annual second-half turnaround. It will take a while for Jyles to get back into game shape, and BC is at home (where Toronto hasn't won since 2002), so the Lions cruise to victory.

Winner: British Columbia, 28-17

Hamilton at Montreal

One thing is for certain: Montreal will not be blown out two games in a row. Montreal played its worst game all season on Monday, and nothing short of the Death Star mistaking Montreal for Alderaan and blowing it off the map, killing every Alouette player in the process, will see a repeat performance of Labour Day. But the Cats are a confident bunch right now, and they have the Als on the ropes. In what will be a classic slugfest, the Tabbies take it by a field goal.

Winner: Hamilton, 34-31

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg

Everyone and their grandmother should have seen last Sunday's outcome coming. Saskatchewan had everything in their favour going into last weekend's game, and there was no way they were going to lose. That loss, however, might end up helping Winnipeg, as they had begun to get a little cocky, despite having not accomplished much. (Yes, 7-1 was impressive, but you don't win championships in August.) The Bombers will come back focused and ready to play, and they will lay a beating on the Riders.

Winner: Winnipeg, 30-14

Edmonton, British Columbia, Hamilton, Winnipeg

Season Record: 21-15

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