Friday 2 September 2011

Aren't the Cats Playing the Als This Week?

Despite not playing one another this week, it seems as if the Argos are very focused on the Ti-Cats as Labour Day approaches.

The Argos decided to post a video where some members of the team decided to hurl some insults Hamilton's way:

Some were funny (I chuckled at Mike O'Shea's comments), some were ripe for comebacks (Byron Parker guarantees that he'll score touchdowns Labour Day, eh? That's fine, the Cats can guarantee wins on Labour Day) and some were just stupid (Why even ask Cedric Gagne-Marcoux? He's always injured before the Classic is played. Why does Jeff Johnson live near a smelly swamp? Doesn't that say more about him than anything else?).

But it was all in good fun. The Cats took shots at them (though at least that was when they were playing one another), so it's only fair that the Boatmen return the favour. Also, I had to laugh at Hamilton-native Bryan Crawford avoiding saying anything negative about the city. Deep down, you know he wants to ditch those ugly blue uniforms and come back home. It's cool, Bryan, we'll welcome you back with open arms once you come to your senses.

And Stevie Baggs's quote is all that is needed to end this piece:
I'm sure they are tired of coming in here and getting beat.
Now on to some serious news.

David Braley wants to see the Labour Day Classic between the Argos and Cats alternate between Hamilton and Toronto.

He says that the Cats will "fight like hell" to ensure this doesn't happen.

He got that right.

Scott Mitchell was adamant that the game would always be played in Hamilton:
"Our position is clear: Labour Day is our home date and our fans love it. It's a total non-starter and I look forward to hosting the Argos next year on Labour Day.”
Moving the game wouldn't be the end of the world, but it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The Argos couldn't even work things out to make this year's game work, and now they want to host the thing? Braley needs to get his own house in order before he goes trying to Shanghai games from his provincial rival.

If Mitchell is this steadfast in his refusal to even talk about it, I can't see there being any way that the league will listen to Braley. He has a lot of clout, but this would be foolish. You risk alienating an entire fan base – a fan base already angered by the cancellation of this year's traditional Labour Day matchup – by doing this, and for what reason?

Cats fans are going to be putting up with a lot over the next couple of seasons, so Braley floating this idea at this time seems pretty selfish. For a man who usually has the league's best interest at heart – he doesn't own two teams for the money – he seems to be taking a "me first" attitude on this one. It might be in the best interest of David Braley to have the Argos host the Labour Day Classic against the Tiger-Cats, but it is not in the best interest of the league.

Sorry, David, Labour Day belongs in Hamilton.


  1. Guess they should have been focusing more on BC and less on Hamilton. ;-)

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing last night.