Wednesday 23 February 2011

First Johnson, Now Porter?

Take this with a huge grain of salt because of the source, but Perry Lefko is reporting that the Tiger-Cats are on the verge of signing Quinton Porter to a contract extension.

Myself and many people who follow the CFL as fans know that Lefko's reliability is questionable at best. But the article he wrote has quotes from Porter, so I guess it is a fairly safe bet to say that the team is working on something with the former starter.

It has been a rough couple of years for Porter since he lost his starting job, rightfully, to Kevin Glenn at the end of the 2009 season. He saw very little playing time in 2010, and then took to his hometown paper to voice his displeasure with not being the starter. I took him to task for that. A point that I stand by.

If Porter is willing to be a loyal backup, then bringing him back and hoping he develops is not a problem. The team clearly sees enough in him to keep him around.

I am, however, a little surprised they would extend him seeing as there has been a lot of chatter that the Cats were looking to trade either him or Adam Tafralis (or both). Maybe that still happens, or maybe the Porter extension means that Tafralis is on his way out. Anything is possible.

For the time being, it looks like Porter will once again be the backup to Kevin Glenn. I'm sure that notion makes quite a few Tiger-Cat fans nervous.

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  1. I was hoping we would give Tafralis a legitimate chance at No. 2 this year, inside of me I see more potential in Adam than Quinton.

    See what happens though, still many months until training camp.